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Shortly after we started teaching in person classes in San Diego on drought tolerant landscaping, we grew frustrated. We LOVED the content we were teaching. There was so much information in that three hour class. Students simply could not retain most of what they learned.

Physical courses come with some challenges.

Students who arrive late to a physical class are already at a disadvantage as the later material built on the early information. They found it difficult to catch up.

calylophus hartwegii - sundrop in full bloom bringing cheer to your CA Native garden

calylophus hartwegii – sundrop

A second challenge was while many students were eager to attend, the time and location did not always suit them.

Our third challenge was that many students wanted to revisit the information as they implemented their project.

After hearing from several potential students who couldn’t make the classes because of the location, timing or difficulty of balancing family and work, we decided it was time to offer online classes.

California Native Planting and Maintenance As An Online Class

During discussions with students, we noticed that many of them were interested in California Native plants for the benefits they bring to the landscape, but were worried about planting and maintaining them. We decided that would be our first online class.

This is a fabulous class for beginners as it will expose you to 20 native plants that are fantastic for your landscape. You’ll also learn the tricks to planting and maintaining CA Natives so that you’ll have a healthy landscape.

Penstemon spectabilis - showy penstemon for your CA Native Plant Landscape

Penstemon spectabilis – showy penstemon

The online format had other advantages as well. We’ve added videos and supplemental information like design examples, worksheets and written maintenance instructions. With information broken up into 5-10 min segments, you can listen on any device and take classes while standing in line or running errands.

You can always review any segment that you need to understand further. There are segments you can even skip until you are ready for them. For example, you may choose to listen to the maintenance section after your plants are in the ground. However, you may want to listen before you plant, so that you discover how easy these plants are to take care of.



planting-workshop-graphic-final-button-for-webAre you ready for a beautiful garden with California Native plants?

You can take the class right now. And don’t forget to join us over on our YouTube channel on Friday (12/2/16) afternoon between 4pm – 5pm. We will share the number one reason most landscapes fail, and the steps you can take to avoid this.

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Diane Downey and Sheri Menelli specialize in earth-friendly landscaping practices, including vegetable gardening, rainwater capture, soil health, native plants, and efficient irrigation. Diane is a professional landscape designer with over 10 years’ experience, and Sheri is a certified permaculture designer with a six-year-old food forest in her backyard. Combined, they have over two decades of teaching experience. Their classes are taught to the public in the classroom, in the field, and via one-on-one garden coaching sessions.
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