Why did you want to create this podcast?


Diane Downey, G3 Qualified Trainer

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Sheri Menelli, G3 Qualified Trainer

I’m Diane Downey, and I wanted to create this podcast because I really believe that the soil can save us – water, carbon and climate change are all linked together, and if we change the way we look at our landscapes we can make a huge difference.


I’m Sheri Menelli, I’ve wanted to create a podcast because I know if we just had a way to get out some of the information that we knew out to the public, we’d have less pollution in our water, healthier soil and less damage from droughts and floods.

There are so many ways that nature heals itself.

drystream bed web banner 2If you are interested in any of these things:

  • Conserving water
  • Water harvesting
  • Organic gardening
  • Protecting our oceans
  • Healthy soil
  • Sequestering carbon
  • Growing healthy food
  • Having a beautiful yard
  • Saving energy

You are in the right place!