Compost Tea Dr Elaine Ingham

Compost Tea Dr Elaine InghamWant to grow healthy plants and vegetables? Want to avoid weeds? Want to remove petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides from your yard? Want to grow food that is nutrient rich? It all starts with healthy soil, and the easiest and best way to get, and keep, healthy soil is to treat with good quality compost tea.

In the podcast we talk about:

Why Brew Aerated Compost Tea?

  • Multiply microbes fast (in 24 to 36 hours)
  • Cheaper to apply than compost
  • Hauling
  • Applying
  • Amount needed
  • Foliar drench or soil drench
  • Can spray on leaves
  • Great for when planting
  • Increase nutrients
  • Pushing soil from bacterially dominated to fungally dominated
  • Soil succession
    • Brand new dirt is bacterially dominated which works well for annuals and some vegetables but if you want to plant most landscaping shrubs, trees and perennials you need soil that is more fungally dominated.
  • Prevent disease or pests – strong plant – more resistance

What is Compost Tea and Does Compost Tea Really Work?

Remember, just because it is brown doesn’t mean it is really compost tea – must contain the right microbes

How to Make Aerated Compost Tea or Aerated Worm Tea

To make a compost tea brewer you will need

Nice to have but not essential

  • Microscope to check the progress of the tea
  • A Sprayer dedicated to compost tea, makes it easier to apply.

Or you could just buy a compost tea brewing kit

When to Make and Use Compost Tea

  • Time of year
  • Planting
  • Establishing the yard
  • Treating pests and diseases

Who is doing this

Harvard University – Organic brew puts green back into Yard


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Felicella for MVV Associates Inc.Dr Elaine Ingham’s work at the George W. Bush Presidential library

Paul Taylor and Dr. Elaine Ingham – An Introduction to Actively Aerated Compost Tea Brewers


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