Peter Dudek and his family started LiceKiller after his youngest daughter got head lice. After becoming frustrated with toxic treatments that didn’t work, Peter decided started investigating natural remedies. He found that there were no other organic products on the market, so he worked with a chemist with the premise to create something as strong as possible but that wouldn’t hurt an infant. Peter and his family started manufacturing and selling LiceKiller out of their basement.


How Does LiceKiller Work?

LiceKiller is a two step process. The first step, Nit Glue, contains four different enzymes that are designed specifically to digest insect proteins, while being benign for human and mammal proteins, meaning that it’s safe for humans.  Nit Glue dissolves the glue that nits use to hang onto the hair.

The second step digest the exoskeleton, or the outer layer, of the lice bugs themselves. Exoskeleton are more vulnerable to the oils, and the main ingredients that kill the bugs are neem, tea tree and karanja oil. The other oils are coconut oil, olive oil, peppermint and eucalyptus oil. The coconut oil helps to penetrate the exoskeleton so that neem and Karanja oil can be delivered to them.

What about fleas and Ticks?

We do have a product for fleas for pets. Using oils on pets gets messy, so the flea and tick products include a bath, a spray and a powder treatment. More information coming soon!


What about “Super Lice”?

Super Lice are just normal head lice that have been exposed to the poison based products for many generations of lice. They have grown immune to these chemicals and the lice develop resistance. That is why many of the traditional, chemical based products just don’t work. The manufacturers can’t switch over to stronger and stronger poisons or it would kill people. The bugs become immune and hence media calls them “Super Lice”.


Will Lice Get Immune To LiceKiller?

No, our product kills the nits so no baby lice are growing up in our product. But also the approach of dissolving the lice is just a different method that protects against ‘super lice’


Can My Child Get A Reinfestation From Our Own Home?

Lice do the  ‘Drop and Crawl’ – they drop off during normal daily life and especially during treatment, and now they are on bedding, couches, and car seats. As soon as they get the opportunity they crawl on another person, or back on the the original person.

While you are treating your child, put white towel around their shoulders and you might see them drop off crawling around . Treating furniture means that we can’t use oils but you can use the enzymes, and this is the formula for the laundry product.


So What Is The Recommended Procedure For Treating The Home?

Start off with a good vacuum – the carpet, and any fabric covered furniture. Losing up to 100 hairs per day is normal, and some of those will contain nits. These eggs can hatch 7-10 days later. Vacuuming gets rid of those hairs, and then using the furniture spray on the fabric covered furniture and large bedding items will kill the nits and lice.

For clothes, pillows, sheets, and blankets use the laundry product.

For soft toys, seal them up and put away in garage for 3 weeks or so. At that point, nits and lice will have expired from lack of eating.


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