Spring Garden WorkshopsSpring Garden Workshop Dates Just Announced!Winter/Spring 2017 Garden Workshops Rainwater Harvesting, Soil Building, Native Plants, Vegetable Gardening, Efficient Irrigation

February 4th – Rainwater Harvesting for Healthy Gardens

The recent wet weather and subsequent flooding remind us that capturing rainwater in our own back yards is so important to not only help ourselves but to help our neighbors downstream.

Rainwater contains the perfect balance of hydration for plants, so let’s make sure they get what they need, when they need it.

Check out how we set up the new Donor Garden to survive only on rainwater collected from nearby roofs, and learn how you can collect rainwater from your roof and other hard surfaces.

February 11th – Healthy Garden, Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is easy and inexpensive to create based on what you already have.

Plants thrive in healthy soil as they tap into the network that lets them call on all the nutrients, water and defences they need, when they need it.

Come and see the amazing results at the Historical Society (how we turned hard – almost concrete – soil into beautiful soil full of worms in just 2 months), and learn how to put these steps into action in your own yard.

March 4th – Planting and Maintaining California Natives and Edibles

California Native plants are the perfect choice for our San Diego climate, and incorporating edibles into the landscape is a no brainer. But many people don’t know how to maintain these easy plants.

In this workshop you will get the opportunity to see the California Native and edible plants at the Historical Society and learn how to select, plant and maintain them.

March 18th – Planting Your First Vegetable Garden

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is one of the best things you can do for you and your family’s health. It does not require lots of space, time or resources.

It rewards you with produce that is bursting with nutrition and devoid of harmful chemicals. If you have ever wanted to plant your very first garden, join us and learn how to do just that.

April 1st – Using Water Wisely In The Garden

Between 50%-70% of water delivered to households in San Diego County is used in the landscape. In this class we will show you how you can cut your water bill while maintaining a healthy landscape. We will cover:

  • The problem with automatic irrigation systems
  • Making incremental improvements to your automatic irrigation system
  • Maximizing your water savings and minimizing your costs

California Native Planting and Maintenance Workshop for BeginnersCalifornia Native Planting and Maintenance Workshop For Beginners

Online Version


  • Why California native plants really are the easiest for your pocket book and your landscape
  • How you can help change the climate in your own backyard
  • How to select the right kind of native plants
  • Encouraging birds and butterflies in your yard
  • Learn how to design a native plant garden to provide color year round
  • How to create a garden that doesn’t require irrigation
  • 4 steps to creating healthy soil
  • The 3 magic ingredients for native plant success
  • 9 deadly mistakes that you want to avoid when planting
  • The best and worst months to plant (if you are hoping to keep your plants alive!)
  • How to maintain your native garden with little work as possible

In this class we will introduce you to 12 California native plants for your yard, and 4 native edibles.

Prevent costly mistakes by taking this class before you start planting.

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